Dr. Jared Haslam

He is available in Dr. Jonathan Leusden‘s office when Jonathan is out of the office as well as available for house calls. text, cell, email : (801)-871-5605 and Jared.haslam@gmail.com

I am really excited to welcome Dr. Jared to the Chiropractic community in SLC. I have been mentoring Jared in our special chiropractic technique and have been hearing very positive reviews from clients I have sent to him. He is a kind, giving, and a detailed practitioner eager to help as much as he can every visit.  – Jonathan Leusden DC

Dr. Haslam, Salt Lake City Area Chiropractor
Dr. Haslam, Salt Lake City Area Chiropractor

Dr. Haslam was raised in Houston, Texas and has lived in other places like Iowa and Utah.

He is the second of 7 siblings (with 5 sisters).  He has always enjoyed playing in any sport that was available to him; his favorites being basketball and football.

Dr. Haslam is fluent in Spanish and really enjoys learning and speaking other languages.  He has been married now for 8 years to his wife Sarah who was born and raised in Bienne, Switzerland.  They enjoy speaking French and German, and Swiss German together.  They have two children, a girl Camryn (age 5), and a boy Judd (age 1).  They love to go on nature walks together.

Dr. Haslam attended Brigham Young University for his undergraduate degree, and then went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.  Dr. Haslam too has studied light force techniques that are gentle and safe for the entire family!

Dr. Jared can be reached by  text, cell, email : (801)-871-5605 and Jared.haslam@gmail.com


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