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Fewer visits, No popping/cracking, complete corrections.

Directional Non-Force Technique® or DNFT Chiropractic offers a way to identify your issue (1), resolve and correct your concern (2) and achieve the resolution you are seeking in relatively few visits (3).

Using the body as an instrument, we are able to find exactly how injury, stress and trauma are stored in the body.

DNFT chiropractic uses a unique window into the body or diagnostic test allowing us to find exactly how stress, trauma and injury are stored in your body. So detailed is this analysis, we can identify bones, ligaments, disks, muscles, ribs, in fact any involved anatomy in meticulous detail without x-rays or expensive tests. A very light force correction or adjustment without joint popping or cracking can produce a lasting change.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City area

Your body actually prefers to be in a corrected state and will hold onto a DNFT chiropractic adjustment because your body is more efficient and stable in a corrected state.

Free initial consultations are always available. Contact us today and find out is your or a loved one’s condition can be helped with DNFT chiropractic Salt Lake

Fewer visits, light force adjustments, lasting corrections.

– Directional Non-Force Technique® and DNFT® chiropractic are registered trademarks owned by Christopher John DC of Beverly Hills, CA

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