Surface EMG and the Reactive Leg Relfex: a Proposed Methodology to Evaluate a Dichotomous Neurophysiologic Re!ex with Diagnostic Potential.


How to study the Reactive Leg Reflex® leg check used in DNFT Chiropractic®

The core diagnostic test used in Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic® is called the Reactive Leg Reflex®. Included here is an abstract Ive done detailing a protocol for studying this truly valuable yet completely understudied phenomena.

Excerpt from the Abstract:

Introduction: Various methods of patient evaluation using diagnostic biofeedback exist which attempt to gather dichotomous (“yes” verses “no”, strong verses weak) information from the patient’s body regarding neurophysiologic states, chiropractic subluxation, disease and pre-clinical conditions and causes [1,2,5,6,11]. This type of analysis is theoretically monitoring a distinct sensory modality dedicated to information regarding stored stress patterns and states. There are conflicting views on the validity of manual muscle testing and other dichotomous neurophysiologic diagnostic biofeedback tests currently used in fields such as chiropractic, osteopathy, neurology, naturopathy, dentistry, psychiatry and others [4,7,8,9,10]. This paper proposes a methodology to study this phenomenon in a relatively objective manner using two case study sEMG data sets with qualitative analysis as examples. The core diagnostic test of a chiropractic technique, Directional Non-Force Technique®(DNFT®) uses a test described as the DNFT “Reactive Leg Reflex ™ ” (RLR) that according to protocol, indicates presence or absence of subluxation as well as directions of correction [1,3]. The RLR procedure has inherent qualities such as subject testing passivity, and test procedure consistency which make this test a good candidate for studying the neurophysiologic biofeedback phenomena. The methodology herein offers a proof of concept to evaluate this clinically utilized and academically understudied sensory feedback modality.


Link to the Abstract PDF with references:RLR Jan2013

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