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Directional Non-Force Technique (D.N.F.T)® Chiropractic offers an extremely unique and effective approach to health and healing. Utilizing consistent, accurate, and sensitive testing, Dr Jonathan Leusden is able to find out from the client’s own body what factors are contributing to a given health concern.  This analysis allows for gentle, efficient, and respectful resolution.

Dr Leusden strives to perfect three key aspects of his service:

Detailed Chiropractic analyisis without x-rays
Detailed Chiropractic analysis without x-rays in the Salt Lake City area
  • Meticulous, detailed chiropractic analysis including all involved anatomy.
  • To provide gentle, stress free chiropractic corrections or adjustments resulting in stable, long lasting results.
  • To provide the above in relatively few visits.

Our testing and analysis method:

Using an extremely sensitive and accurate testing method, the Reactive Leg Reflex the client’s body is able to reveal the causative factors of health conditions. This allows for an efficient analysis and relevant diagnosis.

We have found the body is very particular what it needs to have addressed first, second and so on. Completing step one reveals step two, then step three, etc. This process is true retracing in which resolved layers reveal other layers of trauma, overuse and stored stress patterns.

One way to describe what we find and resolve is by viewing it from the perspective of  “accumulated life stress.”  Stress accumulates and the body responds by compensating, layering and storing this stress within the structures and organs of our bodies.  D.N.F.T. chiropractic identifies and resolves this recording and all known associated aspects. Further testing reveals if the correction was accepted and testing thereafter monitors for any return of the pattern or recorded stress.

Gentle, Lasting Chiropractic Adjustments, Salt Lake Area:

Dr Leusden’s clinical experience has proven time and again adjustments and corrections for a given health situation requires very little force. A light, although specific directional impulse is applied to make the correction. The actual force can be measured in ounces of pressure. In fact, there is no cavitation (joint popping/cracking) during a treatment.

Clients often leave feeling relaxed and at ease from the treatment. Due to the meticulous and detailed nature of Dr Leusden’s analysis, the exact causative factors and all known contributing factors can be identified. When this is combined with a respectful, gentle impulse adjustment, the result is a lasting resolution.

Fewer Visits:

Typically, visits with Dr. Leusden are progressive in nature: each visit picks up where the previous visit leaves off. The process of clearing the recorded “accumulated life stress” from a client has become more efficient than ever before.

The actual number of visits it takes to accomplish this process is entirely dependent on the traumatic history of the client, other health issues, and other factors. The majority of the work required can be accomplished in 3-4 initial visits compared to 4-6 initial visits just a few years ago.

Since no one is immune from life stress,  a reasonable maintenance schedule is suggested on an individual case basis.

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