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I am honored to be taking over Dr. Lacey’s Picard‘s DNFT® chiropractic practice in Salt Lake City. She is improving daily and has come a very long way. Most Thursday mornings when I am in Salt Lake working, I visit Lacey, laugh, talk about important life lessons and I treat her using our technique, DNFT Chiropractic. Lacey has a long way to go although considering where she has been, her recovery has been miraculous.

Here is a little overview of how I came to specialize in DNFT chiropractic:

Colorado Springs chiropractor, spine specialist, light force chiropractic adjustments.
Gentle adjustments without joint popping or cracking, lasting corrections

While still in chiropractic college, I came across a very powerful chiropractic technique system. I learned the basics and got a lot of experience working with the technique in school and in a field doctor’s office. I felt confident enough with the foundational tools to open a practice from scratch in Colorado Springs.

My practice goals in the beginning and continuing today are to offer a service which provides light force adjustments that hold which leads to progressive office visits leading to being able to clear out a new client in about 3 visits. I knew I need an analysis method which offered objective, consistent and accurate information on the chiropractic subluxation and how stress is stored in the body. I found it and this technology has allowed growth and healing solutions beyond expectations.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact us for a free initial consultation. Remember, we specialize in fewer visits, gentle adjustments and long lasting corrections!

– Directional Non-Force Technique® and DNFT® are registered trademarks owned by Christopher John DC of Beverly Hills, CA

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