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TMJ treatment in 1-3 total visits

Jaw soreness, clicking and popping in the TMJ, headaches, clinching and grinding teeth at night, even low back pain are all symptoms related to TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) syndrome. Treatment options so far have been focused on a dental approach such as teeth grinding, mouth guards and splints.

TMJ symptoms

We have found the jaw can misalign or subluxate in specific directions causing malocclusion, jaw muscle soreness, and TMJ popping and clicking. The TMJ and jaw have become a integral aspect of my chiropractic analysis because of its connection to the upper cervical spine, low back/pelvis, Cranial system and general structural stability.

Clinically, I have found each TMJ joint (and entire jaw) can be analyzed in every possible direction as well as the associated soft tissue including the muscles, articular cartilage (similar to the knee meniscus), and ligaments. We can find your exact misalignment situation and all contributing and related issues and address within the office visit.

OS Chiropractic and TMJ

The core analysis method I use is called the OS Test. This extremely accurate, and sensitive test allows us to use your own body as the diagnostic instrument. This means we can find out the exact misalignment or subluxation situation causing your TMJ syndrome and related symptoms.

OS chiropractic can be powerful and offer long lasting results using very gentle, light force adjustments without joint popping or cracking. OS chiropractic allows us to analyze any structures in the body including cranial bones, TMJ, related soft soft tissue and related areas in the spine. This includes the upper cervical spine (upper neck), low back and thoracic spine in such detail, we can essentially clear old all aspects of injuries, accumulated stress and trauma.

Dental mouth guards and splints are great to prevent teeth wearing down and morning muscle soreness. For a lasting solution to the cause of TMJ syndrome, associated headaches and neck pain, further analysis and corrections need to be done. Thankfully, this solution can be long lasting and provide just the relief you are looking for.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. I can typically let you know over the phone if OS chiropractic can help your individual TMJ concern as well as how many visits (1-3) treatment may take.

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