Sole Supports™ Custom Foot Orthotics in Salt Lake

I am happy to share what I feel is a perfect long-term aid for lasting structural health and stability. I have tried many different orthotics over the years and am thrilled to be able to offer a lasting solution for perfect foot posture which makes a big difference throughout the body.

Conditions we have successfully treated using Sole Supports™ Orthotics:

Sole Supports Arch Supports Salt Lake City
Sole Supports are made custom for your foot to maintain perfect foot posture in all weight bearing activities
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heal Pain
  • Tired feet
  • Bunions
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Sole Supports™ offer the perfect long-term solution for overall structural dysfunction and structural aging.

I have personally worn Sole Supports for the last 4 years and can attest to the difference it makes for my knees, feet and low back. Especially since I am on my feet much of the day working, Sole Supports give me perfect foot posture at all times which has, I believe saved my ankles, feet, knees and low back from all my repetitive motions.

Another great aspect of these orthotics is they don’t wear out. These orthitics are going to be helping you for years and years, every step you take.

These orthotics are a great solution for athletes, and anyone who walk, stands, runs, bikes skis and more for any length of time.

Why are Sole Supports the best and only orthotic you will ever need? (from Sole Supports, Inc materials)

  • Conform perfectly to your arch for support
  • Custom calibrated for your weight & activity levels (a Sole Supports exclusive!)
  • Engineered to actually change foot posture & function —not just provide cushioning
  • Captures the foot in the ideal position for weight-bearing activities
  • Top quality materials

I have met many people who have tried orthotics and have paid more money than they would like to admit for an often failed solution for their foot concerns.

Sole Supports have been designed to be perfectly bio-mechanically correct for your foot. Using a casting technique which captures your full arch in all phases of the gait, these orthotics make every shoe fit perfectly to you feet.

Advantages of Sole Supports™

Sole Suports custom foot orthotics Salt Lake City
Sole Supports capture the foot in perfect bio-mechanical posture in all phases of your gait.

The Sole Supports design incorporates three critical factors that an orthotic must have in order to be effective.

  1. Orthotics must capture the properly corrected position of the foot: as high an arch as the foot can make with heel and forefoot flat on the ground.
  2. The orthotic must make full contact with the entire foot in this position, especially with the corrected arch position, in order to have the mechanical power and efficiency to control the foot.
  3. The orthotic must be rigid enough to maintain this corrected position against the person’s weight and gravity and yet flexible enough to be comfortable upon impact with a typical concrete floor.

To accomplish these three main goals, new, reliable casting techniques were tested to achieve the right custom foot mold. New materials were discovered that could offer the right blend of rigidity and flexibility for every individual foot, then calibrated to deliver the proper force for your feet. That is why our company motto is “We Make People Better”!

Get Lasting Relief for Foot, Knee, Low Back Pain!

Free initial consultation:Sole Supports custom foot orthotics are available at my office. Contact us today for a free consultation and exam to see if Sole Supports foot orthotics are right for you! These orthotics are the best long term solution and treatment for chronic foot, knee, hip and low back pain. Financial assistance available.

This diagram illustrates the postural changes that can accompany fallen arches or flat feet:

Posture correction possible with Sole Supports custom foot orthotics
Fallen arch and flat footed posture changes and posture correction possible with Sole Supports custom foot orthotics


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