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Scoliosis example. Dr. Leusden does not use x-rays for his analysis or as a treatment basis

Salt Lake Area Scoliosis Treatment

Being diagnosed with scoliosis can be an intimidating event. Traditional options such as braces, or surgery can be the last treatment course a family wants to consider. Endless visits to a physical therapist or chiropractor can be time intensive and expensive.

How about another option and lasting solution? One which offers an accurate detailed analysis of the root stress patterns often resulting in a scoliosis pattern. How about one which can eliminate these causes gently and with lasting effect?

Ideally, this approach works the most efficiently and has the longest lasting results when started early. Kids under ten and even teenagers with idiopathic scoliosis often respond quickly with lasting positive benefit. Instead of growing into the scoliosis curves, we can, with a few gentle but powerful interventions allow their growing bodies to grow out of the scoliosis condition.

Even adults who may have been diagnosed with scoliosis as a child and may have had medical or alternative therapies and yet still have scoliosis related symptoms can benefit. This woman, was very near resorting to dramatic surgical intervention. She had struggled with a significant curve in her upper lumbar and lower thoracic spine. Standing long periods, laying down and bending were all very painful and her pain was limiting her activities and travel plans. As a last resort, she contacted my office:

Sometimes I take for granted how good I feel now that it is so common. But it sure wasn’t this way before I met you and I feel compelled to thank you… Two years ago I was ready to throw in the towel and consider surgery. Thank you for your gentle touch and for your passion for what you do…. I hope you have the opportunity to help others as much as you’ve helped me, – AB (woman in mid 50’s, first diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis as a teenager)

This client has been traveling, hiking, riding her bike and working in her garden since our work together. I am now seeing her on an as needed basis which is currently about one check up visit every 6-12 months.

This work can be profound and dramatic results shouldn’t have to take countless therapy visits. Using an extremely accurate and sensitive test called the OS Test the core diagnostic test of OST chiropractic we are able to identify exactly how deep rooted stress patterns are stored in the body. Using a very gentle force impulse without any joint popping or cracking, we are able to effectively resolve these stress patterns and bring the body to a very strong, stable state. Often, spinal curves associated with a scoliosis diagnosis reduce significantly.

Being in practice, I have seen many different types of people of all ages. A spine is similar to a finger print as it expresses you unique physical form. I am not subscribing to the school of thought there is an universal ideal spine shape. Your personal ideal spine is one that is free from accumulated life stress, trauma and injury. When this stable state is reached, spinal abnormal spinal cures which are progressively getting worse often begin to naturally straighten.

Detailed subluxation analysis, genlte chiropractic adjustments.
Analyzing all possible misalignment directions. Gentle adjustments, lasting corrections.

Using the OS Test and OS Technique we are able to identify your unique stress accumulation patterns and make lasting changes. Remember, your body is in a more stable and efficient state when it does not have to hold on to and accommodate for injury, trauma and stress. Your body prefers to be in a stress free state and as such each treatment in my office is progressive in nature. Each visits picks up where the previous visits leave off. Usually it takes 3-5 visits in the initial series and depending on how you are responding a reasonable maintenance schedule will be suggested.

Before you commit to long treatment courses and dramatic traditional scoliosis treatments, give this work a chance. You body, family, pocket book and quality of life will thank you.

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