Headaches, Skull and Neck Pain

Neck stiffness, Muscle spasms

Car accidents, hitting your head, sports injures, stress and the birthing process itself can cause significant acute and chronic symptoms including:

Gentle adjustment, safe for all ages.
Specific analysis finding exactly where and when to adjust. Gentle chiropractic, lasting corrections.
  • headaches, migraines
  • neck tension, muscle spasms
  • reduced range of motion
  • sinus problems
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • shoulder pain
  • arm and hand main, tingling, and numbness
  • carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • depression, anxiety, irritability
  • grinding, popping and cracking
  • and more.

The brain stem, and spinal cord travel through the upper neck and spine. Tension, muscle spasms, headaches, spontaneous popping and grinding sounds and the above list indicate problems with a OST chiropractic solution.

If you are looking for a lasting treatment option that is gentle, complete, and can return stability and range of motion to your neck, you have found a solution.

Without x-rays, and using an extremely accurate and sensitive “window into the body,” (The OS Test) we are able to find exactly where and how the stress of life including car accidents, original birth trauma and injury, repetitive postures and more are stored in your neck.

Lasting neck and head pain treatment
Dr Leusden treats kids as well as adults with fewer visits, lasting corrections.

I have treated babies, kids, teenagers, adults and older clients safely and with confidence. It still amazes me how accurate the OS Test and analysis can be in finding exactly how neck bones, vertebral disks, muscles and ligaments can store the stress of life experience. The lasting corrections in relatively few visits is even more impressive as we have found again and again, once the neck is analyzed and adjusted completely, the body will actually prefer to be in a corrected state. As such, the chiropractic adjustments we do can last potentially indefinitely.

To completely resolve a neck and head pain condition, all related structures also need to be addressed. The spine and body work together and we have found, clearing the pelvis, upper back, cranial bones, TMJ/ jaw, and all associated structures can create the lasting correction people are seeking. Thankfully, this can be accomplished in fewer and fewer visits. Each visit in my office picks up where previous visits leave off. 2-4 initial visits is the average to clear most stored injury and trauma.

If you have been looking for a lasting solution for neck, and head pain, feel free to contact Dr Leusden, Salt Lake City chiropractor for your free initial consultation.


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