Children and Chiropractic

Chiropractic for Children in Salt Lake City

Infants, toddlers, pre-teens, preteens, teenagers and beyond consistently take fewer visits than people with more life experience. Typically it is now taking 1-2 visits for infants, toddlers through the early teens to fairly consistently clear their accumulated life stress.

Falls, tumbles, birth process, sports injuries, play injuries call accumulate in their growing bodies. This type of stress can be accurately identified and resolved using OS chiropractic. Kids are great too because they hold onto these adjustments and corrections incredibly long.

The first visit with a child address the major issues where ever they are. We have success treating children of all ages for conditions such as:

Gentle adjustment, safe for all ages.

OS chiropractic is able to analyses all related anatomy in what ever area we are testing. Bones, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, fascia, dura mater and more are able to be identified in real time and resolved as it is unfolds. We are able to identify causative patterns and related anatomy and most importantly, we have solutions for our findings.

When we analyze the body in this detail and correct the issues, we create a clean slate effect with areas of injury, stress and trauma. The body is more efficient and stable in a the corrected state and will hold onto these adjustments extremely well. This means fewer visits, gentle adjustments, lasting corrections.

Gentle Chiropractic

Kids respond so well and hold their adjustments so well it typically takes half the number of vistis an adult takes to reach a very stable state. Fewer visits, Gentle adjustments, Lasting corrections. Free initial consultation.

Kids respond great to this type of work. As do adults also. With children, 1-2 visits is usually all that is needed for a lasting dramatic change. Adults may take 3-5 visits in 8 weeks. More complicated, more layers, more accumulated life stress.

Either way, OS chiropractic offers gentle adjustments, lasting corrections and fewer visits. Free initial consultations are available.
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-Dr. Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake City Chiropractor

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