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Very gentle, precise adjustments
Very gentle, precise adjustments

DNFT® Chiropractic offers:

  • Meticulous Analysis

  • Complete Corrections

  • Fewer Visits

Could DNFT® Chiropractic Help You?

Welcome, glad you found us. Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic (D.N.F.T. Chiropractic®) can efficiently help with these health challenges and more:

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City
Gentle Chiropractic, safe, efficient, fewer visits

Special: Free initial consultations!

Light Force Chiropractic Adjustments

DNFT chiropractic is 100% gentle without any joint polling or cracking. This method utilizes an incredibly sensitive, detailed and efficient analysis test called the Reactive Leg Reflex to check 25+ aspects for every vertebrae and related anatomy.

We can test and identify how trauma, overuse and the stress of life is stored in the bones, vertebrae, ribs, disks, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, organ reflexes, TMJ and more.

Meticulous analysis and complete adjustments make DNFT chiropractic a leader in fewer overall visits and treatment efficiency.

Gentle, Efficient Chiropractor Salt Lake City

Free initial consultations are always available. It’s hard to go through life without accumulating injury, trauma, nagging pain and discomfort. Let’s see if we can help. You should know if this treatment right for you after the initial visit. Contact us Today: Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City.

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