Salt Lake City TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment in 1-3 total visits

Jaw soreness, clicking and popping in the TMJ, headaches, clinching and grinding teeth at night, even low back pain are all symptoms related to TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) syndrome. Treatment options so far have been focused on a dental approach such as teeth grinding, mouth guards and splints.

TMJ symptoms

We have found the jaw can misalign or subluxate in specific directions causing malocclusion, jaw muscle soreness, and TMJ popping and clicking. The TMJ and jaw have become a integral aspect of my chiropractic analysis because of its connection to the upper cervical spine, low back/pelvis, Cranial system and general structural stability.

Clinically, I have found each TMJ joint (and entire jaw) can be analyzed in every possible direction as well as the associated soft tissue including the muscles, articular cartilage (similar to the knee meniscus), and ligaments. We can find your exact misalignment situation and all contributing and related issues and address within the office visit.

OS Chiropractic and TMJ

The core analysis method I use is called the OS Test. This extremely accurate, and sensitive test allows us to use your own body as the diagnostic instrument. This means we can find out the exact misalignment or subluxation situation causing your TMJ syndrome and related symptoms.

OS chiropractic can be powerful and offer long lasting results using very gentle, light force adjustments without joint popping or cracking. OS chiropractic allows us to analyze any structures in the body including cranial bones, TMJ, related soft soft tissue and related areas in the spine. This includes the upper cervical spine (upper neck), low back and thoracic spine in such detail, we can essentially clear old all aspects of injuries, accumulated stress and trauma.

Dental mouth guards and splints are great to prevent teeth wearing down and morning muscle soreness. For a lasting solution to the cause of TMJ syndrome, associated headaches and neck pain, further analysis and corrections need to be done. Thankfully, this solution can be long lasting and provide just the relief you are looking for.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. I can typically let you know over the phone if OS chiropractic can help your individual TMJ concern as well as how many visits (1-3) treatment may take.

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Spondylolisthesis and OS Chiropractic in SLC

Spondylolisthesis and OS Chiropractic in SLC:

A long time patient of mine has given me a testimonial regarding her experience with OST chiropractic in my office. This woman was one of my first clients in my first office and has been seeing me since for regular maintenance visits as needed. :

I have a condition called spondylolisthesis (a stress fracture in one of my lumbar vertebra) which has caused me progressively worsening lower back pain since I was 16. I initially sought treatment from a chiropractor who employed “traditional” chiropractic methods. The adjustments themselves caused me pain and never held – I saw no improvement and, in fact, the treatments only aggravated my symptoms and greatly increased my daily level of pain. I became fearful that surgery might be my only option. Then my massage therapist recommended Dr. Leusden to me. To say Dr. Leusden restored my quality of life since he began treating me would be an understatement. In less than 24 hours after my FIRST TREATMENT I was pain-free for the first time in 20 years. The treatments caused me no discomfort and they HELD. And continue to hold. I have been seeing Dr. Leusden for almost 3 years now and have been pain-free ever since that initial visit. Thanks to him and his light-force treatments, I am able to resume activities I previously had to give up, such as camping and gardening. I highly recommend Dr. Leusden to anyone seeking pain-free, lasting corrections.

Gentle SLC chiropractic treatments.

I have been grateful to this client for her faith and confidence in my work. This client’s experience with Spondylolisthesis treatment with OS chiropractic is a perfect example of how appropriate the OS chiropractic is for conditions as extreme as spondylolisthesis.

OST chiropractic is a great chiropractic method for anyone who is looking for lasting results in relatively few visits.

We offer free initial consultations. Contact us today at and lets see if we can help your situation with lasting effect.

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Dr. Leusden performing the patient friendly passive muscle test.

Passive Muscle Testing Advantages in Chiropractic

Clinically Diagnostic Muscle Testing in Salt Lake City

The following elements of an alternative health care office are, in my opinion, the future of healing. These two key elements are linked with cause and effect. When looking for value in a chiropractic or alternative health care office, look here:

1. Using your body as a real-time diagnostic feedback instrument
2. Progressive visits.

AK active muscle testing
Applied Kinesiology active muscle strength testing with therapy localization.

Real-Time diagnostic feedback instrument: many different testing methods have been used to find out from someone’s body certain physiologic conditions and causes. For example, Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses specific muscle tests to evaluate organ function, spinal level subluxations, allergies, acupuncture meridian states, and more. AK uses an active muscle strength test meaning the subject is actively resisting during the muscle test. This type of testing can be very valuable in verifying and demonstrating how a stressor affects your body. The limitation to this type of testing comes in when about 15 or more questions or challenges are tested with the same muscle. Subject or client fatigue can begin to make the testing results less accurate.

The Open Source Test. The OS Test

Another type of muscle testing (passive muscle testing) uses the same feedback system inherent in your body yet is able to test the body without the subject actively resisting. This creates a situation where the practitioner can ask many more questions and body challenges without the client or subject becoming fatigued. This also allows us to gather extremely detailed information on exactly how a stressor is affecting your system. For example, five hundred plus questions can be tested without any loss in accuracy or the client becoming fatigued.

Dr Leusden using the client’s body as an instrument. Passive muscle test.

This type of testing is monitoring a full body response which we think relates to a unique system your body has which constantly monitors your accumulated stress state. The response can be viewed with any two analogous muscles. The most efficient way to test while a client is laying face down or face up is through a test called the OS Test the core diagnostic test of OS Technique. A dynamic leg length change happens with a stress is “there” answer verses a “not there” answer. This is a much different test than testing for a anatomic or functional short leg. Each time the feet are checked, the observer can objectively view a yes or no answer specific to what is happening within your body at that moment.

Using the body as a real-time diagnostic instrument can provide answers to many types of causative factors including:

  • structural injury storage, chiropractic subluxations
  • nutritional deficiencies,
  • emotional patterns,
  • organ weakness or support,
  • energetic imbalance,
  • acupuncture meridian imbalance,

How deep the rabbit hole goes is client specific and dependent on if a practitioner is familiar with the subject being tested and client willingness to investigate related and associated aberrant health causative factors.

Overall, you should notice your practitioner finding progressive causative factors affecting your health. What is addressed one visit holds, and deeper underlying issues are revealed each visit:

Progressive Visits: This means each visit picks up where previous visits leave off. True health care and chiropractic value exists when a practitioner can find an issue, identify the causative factors and resolve that issue. When the core cause of an issue is identified, resolving this completely does something profound for the body: the body actually prefers to be in a corrected state. No longer does the body need to hold onto and compensate for a injury, trauma or repetitive stress. Increased body system efficiency takes over and all the energy the body had spent on compensating and dealing with the accumulated stress turns towards healing and repair.

With any health care practitioner, you want to be aware of continual benefit. This is an knowing beyond the process of chiropractic retracing or the Naturopathic/Homeopathic principal of Hering’s law where you may have a return of old symptoms as your layers of accumulated injury and dysfunction are addressed. You know and experience health improvement in broad categories such as physical, mental and social well being.

Salt Lake City Chiropractic Value

Time is valuable and when you are ready for help, you want to see someone who can find the problem, fix the issue and provide a lasting solution at a reasonable cost. If this can be done in just a few visits, it means less overall cost, less time spent going to a doctor’s office and longer time periods between maintenance visits.

Contact Dr. Jonathan Leusden today for a free initial consultation to see if your condition could be helped with this profound work.


Salt Lake City Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Orthotics and Gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

OST Chiropractor in Salt Lake

OST Chiropractor Salt Lake City.
Gentle OST chiropractic checks and adjusts 25-40 anatomical possibilities for each vertebrae

I have been seeing a chiropractor of some kind for the last 30 years. As many chiropractic techniques as there are stars in the sky have been done to this body. Having also been through chiropractic college and been in active practice for the last almost 5 years, I have taken on a more objective view of physical medicine and manual therapies.

Many people come to my office after trying many other health-care modalities. A universal experience of these clients seems to be all the doctors, therapists and chiropractors they saw claimed to have the answer for their situation. I also claim to have answers for many health concerns. The main difference are my answers (healing modalities) are relatively consistent, and long lasting. This means fewer office visits and longer lasting corrections.

Sole Supports Custom Foot Orthotics in Salt Lake City

Our feet are in many ways our body’s foundation. If you foot was in perfect posture, arch perfectly supported, this postural benefit is transferred to your knees, hips, low back, thoracic spine, neck and even cranial bones. My seasoned recommendation for staying away from a chiropractor or physical therapist’s office? OST chiropractic and Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics.

Salt Lake City Custom Foot Orthotics
Sole Supports Custom Orthotics support your ideal foot posture

Combining the pure structural clearing possible with OST chiropractic in 2-4 initial visits with the long-term foot and posture stability available with Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics can make an incredible lasting change. The result of these two combined modalities are long-lasting complete body stability, fluidity of movement and often significant decreases in pain, stiffness and trauma related injuries.

Start with a clean slate and then with Sole Supports, every step you take helps maintain a clear trauma and injury free body.

Treat your body right, get your spine and feet in perfect posture Today!

Free initial consultations are always available. Contact us today: Dr. Leusden, Salt Lake Chiropractor, to find out more about OST Chiropractic and Sole Supports custom foot orthotics in Salt Lake.


Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City

Whiplash Treatment Salt Lake City

You’ll know if your whiplash injury can be helped after the first visit!

Whiplash injuries can be a life changing event. Having a constant awareness of neck stiffness, reduced range of motion and muscle spasms because of a vehicle or sports accident can make people frustrated and irritated. Other commons symptoms related to whiplash injuries can be:

  • headaches,
  • TMJ syndrome,
  • upper thoracic (upper back),
  • shoulder and neck pain.
  • lower back stress and injury.
  • decrease exercise motivation
  • depression

Common therapies for whiplash include some types chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical approaches including electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold therapies, stretching, muscle strengthening, and medication. These treatment options often take many visits and usually result in short term palliative benefit. Long term muscle relaxer or narcotic type pain medication use is not an ideal pain management option. These treatment options can be expensive measured in dollars, time spent in office visits in addition to often unpleasant pain medication side effects.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City
Gentle Chiropractic, safe, efficient, fewer visits including whiplash treatment

Thankfully, there is a solution offering a treatment course at a fraction the cost and time requirement of other popular whiplash treatment options. Using a sophisticated muscle reflex test called the OS Test, we are able to identify exactly how the trauma of a whiplash event is stored in your spine. The bones, muscles, disks, ligaments can be analyzed in detail in real-time without the need for routine x-rays. This analysis and treatment is also safe for acute and chronic whiplash injuries for all ages.

The adjustments are very light, gentle impulses which function to help your body essentially wipe the slate clean of the store injury. There is no joint cavitation or popping or cracking during the treatment either.

An interesting phenomena happens when we identify a primary, underlying subluxation (chiropractic addressed stored spine or anatomy lesion). Once this segment is gently corrected and all associated anatomy is addressed, the body will spontaneously reveal a level above or below. The next segment is then analyzed and corrected. Again, the body can reveal the next layer of injury. This process is repeated over and over again, identifying all injured anatomy and correcting it as we find it until the entire region is clear. Not only does the Reactive Leg Reflex test show us exactly how stress is stored, it also allows up to evaluate if the adjustment worked.

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The first visit in Dr Leusden’s office addresses the major complaint and much of the associated and surrounding related anatomy. The second visit,(usually within a week) picks up just where the first visit left off. Because the analysis is so detailed and complete, the body actually prefers to be in a corrected state and holds onto the adjustments or corrections extremely well.

The third visit about a week to two weeks after the second visit monitors how well the body has held the adjustments done so far. Any residual layer of injury is then identified and corrected. This initial treatment course often produces a major positive change with results that clients increasingly become aware of more and more as time passes.

Being in a corrected and aligned state is more efficient and stable than living with injury and whiplash type events. The body no longer needs to adapt and accommodate to the accumulated stress of the injury and can then redirect that adaptive energy to healing and repair. There is an efficient whiplash treatment option that offers fewer visits, lasting corrections at a very reasonable cost. Contact Dr. Leusden today to see if your condition could be helped with OST chiropractic.

Dr Leusden, Salt Lake chiropractor, offers free initial consultations and can with high probability tell if your injury is something effectively addressed with OST chiropractic.

Check out this page on Dr Leusden’s neck pain treatment in Salt Lake.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City

Chiropractic Treatment in Salt Lake City.

” You’ll know after the first visit is this work can help you!”

Dr. Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake City Chiropractor, specializes in a unique Chiropractic method, OST, that uses an accurate form of passive muscle testing or the OS Test which can monitor exactly how stress and injury are stored in the living body.

This very gentle approach uses no joint mobilization or traditional methods of cracking, popping or twisting of the spine. And yet, produces amazing results using light pressure to clear bone, ligament, vertebral disc, muscle injury and more.

Dr. Leusden using gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City.
Dr. Leusden using gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City.

The genius of OS chiropractic lies in the diagnostic sensitivity, accuracy and detail. Knowing exactly when and where to adjust allows this work to produce potentially dramatic results with very light pressure, in very few visits. The adjustment or treatment holding power allows each visit to pick up where previous visits leave off.

This method is a great choice for people hesitant to see a chiropractor due to the few visits, light force corrections without joint cavitation or popping, and the holding power of the adjustments.

Any area of the body is able to be specifically analyzed and completely addressed including: pelvis, low back, hips, SI joint, thoracic spine, ribs, cervical spine, cranial bones, TMJ, mandible, shoulders, forearms, hands, knees, feet/ankles and organ reflexes.

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to see if Dr. Leusden, could help your concerns.

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Scoliosis Treatment SLC

Scoliosis treatment Salt Lake City
Scoliosis example. Dr. Leusden does not use x-rays for his analysis or as a treatment basis

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment SLC

OST chiropractic can be an effective conservative approach to treating scoliosis. Many people notice a shoulder imbalance, hip imbalance or spinal curve when they bend at the waist. Often idiopathic scoliosis is diagnosed as a child or teenager. Treatment options can vary from restrictive braces, endless exercises and stretches or spinal fusion.

Gentle Scoliosis Treatment, Lasting corrections, Fewer visits.

I have been fortunate to have had significant success with clients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis either when they are still a child or teenager or later in life. Typically, the most dramatic changes in spinal curves can happen when the client is younger although people of all ages have benefited form this type of chiropractic technique.

Usually, the initial course of care includes an initial consultation, treatment, and then a follow up appointment about a week later. We then give the spine and body about two weeks to adjust to the changes made. Another follow up appointment after a couple weeks allows us to see how well the spine is accommodating to the adjustments. At this point, an additional follow up appointment is recommended for two to six months later for further evaluation. The holding power of these specific gentle adjustments is relatively much longer than other adjustment or manipulating approaches. This is due to the specific analysis and real-time detail available using the OS Test. This testing method allow us to identify the exact stress patterns stored in the spine, pelvis and cranium causing a scoliosis condition. The body actually prefers the corrected state and can hold onto the changes made potentially indefinitely.

OST chiropractic is a great complement to allopathic and physical therapy scoliosis treatment and monitoring.

The benefits to this approach are simple: fewer treatment visits, lasting gentle corrections (spinal adjustments), all with less overall treatment cost. This also provides significantly less overall stress around a scoliosis diagnosis for the client, family and friends.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City

Find out today if your condition could be helped with Dr. Leusden’s approach. For a free consultation, click this link:  Salt Lake City Chiropractor.

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Chiropractic Secret in Salt Lake City

Fewer visits, No popping/cracking, complete corrections.

Open Source Technique or OST offers a way to identify your issue (1), resolve and correct your concern (2) and achieve the resolution you are seeking in relatively few visits (3).

Using the body as an instrument, we are able to find exactly how injury, stress and trauma are stored in the body.

OS chiropractic uses a unique window into the body or diagnostic test allowing us to find exactly how stress, trauma and injury are stored in your body. So detailed is this analysis, we can identify bones, ligaments, disks, muscles, ribs, in fact any involved anatomy in meticulous detail without x-rays or expensive tests. A very light force correction or adjustment without joint popping or cracking can produce a lasting change.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City area

Your body actually prefers to be in a corrected state and will hold onto an OST chiropractic adjustment because your body is more efficient and stable in a corrected state.

Free initial consultations are available:

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Fewer visits, light force adjustments, lasting corrections.


Sole Supports™ Custom Foot Orthotics in Salt Lake

I have personal experience with extremely flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain. I met Dr. Ed Glazer in 2006 and he casted my feet for the custom orthotics (Sole Supports™) he designed and perfected. The results have been fantastic. No more plantar fasciitis, knee pain and every pair of shoes I put on feel like they are perfectly made for my feet. The orthotics don’t wear out. My foot posture has improved so much that I think being re-casted four – six  years after wearing Sole Supports is appropriate.

Sole Supports, Inc offers simply the best orthotics available. The unique casting method captures your unique foot bio-mechanics in every phase of your gait. This means from the moment your heel touches the ground till you push-off, your feet and arches are supported.

Sole Supports Arch Supports
Sole Supports are made custom for your foot to maintain perfect foot posture in all weight- bearing activities

What ever you are doing that is weight-bearing, you can trust Sole Supports are maintaining your feet in perfect foot posture and arch support.

Proper arch support that holds up to your specific weight can eliminate plantar fasciitis, bunions, medial knee pain, hip pain, low back pain and even thoracic and neck pain. If someone were to do one thing to benefit their body long-term, Sole Supports would be my suggestion. Combined with OST chiropractic the results are long-lasting chiropractic corrections, more stability and fluidity.

These are orthotics are a great solution for athletes, and anyone who walk, stands, runs, bikes skis and more for any length of time.

Many people I know have spent more money than they like to admit on orthotics that have note lived up to expectations. Sole Supports are extremely reasonably priced, often much less than other typical, “custom” orthotic options.

Get the lasting foot/knee/low back pain solutions Today!

Contact us to today for a free consultation and foot/ankle/knee exam to see if Sole Supports custom foot orthotics are the right solution for your foot/knee/hip/low back condition.

Check out this page for detailed information on Sole Supports custom foot orthotics.

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