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You’ll know if your whiplash injury can be helped after the first visit!

Whiplash injuries can be a life changing event. Having a constant awareness of neck stiffness, reduced range of motion and muscle spasms because of a vehicle or sports accident can make people frustrated and irritated. Other commons symptoms related to whiplash injuries can be:

  • headaches,
  • TMJ syndrome,
  • upper thoracic (upper back),
  • shoulder and neck pain.
  • lower back stress and injury.
  • decrease exercise motivation
  • depression

Common therapies for whiplash include some types chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical approaches including electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold therapies, stretching, muscle strengthening, and medication. These treatment options often take many visits and usually result in short term palliative benefit. Long term muscle relaxer or narcotic type pain medication use is not an ideal pain management option. These treatment options can be expensive measured in dollars, time spent in office visits in addition to often unpleasant pain medication side effects.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City
Gentle Chiropractic, safe, efficient, fewer visits including whiplash treatment

Thankfully, there is a solution offering a treatment course at a fraction the cost and time requirement of other popular whiplash treatment options. Using a sophisticated muscle reflex test called the OS Test, we are able to identify exactly how the trauma of a whiplash event is stored in your spine. The bones, muscles, disks, ligaments can be analyzed in detail in real-time without the need for routine x-rays. This analysis and treatment is also safe for acute and chronic whiplash injuries for all ages.

The adjustments are very light, gentle impulses which function to help your body essentially wipe the slate clean of the store injury. There is no joint cavitation or popping or cracking during the treatment either.

An interesting phenomena happens when we identify a primary, underlying subluxation (chiropractic addressed stored spine or anatomy lesion). Once this segment is gently corrected and all associated anatomy is addressed, the body will spontaneously reveal a level above or below. The next segment is then analyzed and corrected. Again, the body can reveal the next layer of injury. This process is repeated over and over again, identifying all injured anatomy and correcting it as we find it until the entire region is clear. Not only does the Reactive Leg Reflex test show us exactly how stress is stored, it also allows up to evaluate if the adjustment worked.

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The first visit in Dr Leusden’s office addresses the major complaint and much of the associated and surrounding related anatomy. The second visit,(usually within a week) picks up just where the first visit left off. Because the analysis is so detailed and complete, the body actually prefers to be in a corrected state and holds onto the adjustments or corrections extremely well.

The third visit about a week to two weeks after the second visit monitors how well the body has held the adjustments done so far. Any residual layer of injury is then identified and corrected. This initial treatment course often produces a major positive change with results that clients increasingly become aware of more and more as time passes.

Being in a corrected and aligned state is more efficient and stable than living with injury and whiplash type events. The body no longer needs to adapt and accommodate to the accumulated stress of the injury and can then redirect that adaptive energy to healing and repair. There is an efficient whiplash treatment option that offers fewer visits, lasting corrections at a very reasonable cost. Contact Dr. Leusden today to see if your condition could be helped with OST chiropractic.

Dr Leusden, Salt Lake chiropractor, offers free initial consultations and can with high probability tell if your injury is something effectively addressed with OST chiropractic.

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