Custom Orthotics and Gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

OST Chiropractor in Salt Lake

OST Chiropractor Salt Lake City.
Gentle OST chiropractic checks and adjusts 25-40 anatomical possibilities for each vertebrae

I have been seeing a chiropractor of some kind for the last 30 years. As many chiropractic techniques as there are stars in the sky have been done to this body. Having also been through chiropractic college and been in active practice for the last almost 5 years, I have taken on a more objective view of physical medicine and manual therapies.

Many people come to my office after trying many other health-care modalities. A universal experience of these clients seems to be all the doctors, therapists and chiropractors they saw claimed to have the answer for their situation. I also claim to have answers for many health concerns. The main difference are my answers (healing modalities) are relatively consistent, and long lasting. This means fewer office visits and longer lasting corrections.

Sole Supports Custom Foot Orthotics in Salt Lake City

Our feet are in many ways our body’s foundation. If you foot was in perfect posture, arch perfectly supported, this postural benefit is transferred to your knees, hips, low back, thoracic spine, neck and even cranial bones. My seasoned recommendation for staying away from a chiropractor or physical therapist’s office? OST chiropractic and Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics.

Salt Lake City Custom Foot Orthotics
Sole Supports Custom Orthotics support your ideal foot posture

Combining the pure structural clearing possible with OST chiropractic in 2-4 initial visits with the long-term foot and posture stability available with Sole Supports™ custom foot orthotics can make an incredible lasting change. The result of these two combined modalities are long-lasting complete body stability, fluidity of movement and often significant decreases in pain, stiffness and trauma related injuries.

Start with a clean slate and then with Sole Supports, every step you take helps maintain a clear trauma and injury free body.

Treat your body right, get your spine and feet in perfect posture Today!

Free initial consultations are always available. Contact us today: Dr. Leusden, Salt Lake Chiropractor, to find out more about OST Chiropractic and Sole Supports custom foot orthotics in Salt Lake.


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