Upper Cervical, Upper Neck Pain

The upper neck or the upper cervical spine can arguably be labeled as one of the most important spinal areas. Essentially, all information our body communicates is transferred and received through this area including organ function, body position, body movement commands, subtle energy fields, acupuncture meridians, and more.

Upper cervical tension, whiplash injury, repetitive postures can lead to significant spinal congestion (upper cervical subluxation) which is the cause of many downstream symptoms. There are many chiropractic techniques which approach the upper cervical spine with detail and specificity. I have studied many of them. The techniques which I personally respect include those that are using very light force in their adjustments,  as in ounces of pressure to adjust the upper cervical spine vertebrae.

Challenging the upper cervical spine in real-time.
Challenging the upper cervical spine in real-time.

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Specific x-ray techniques have been used since the 1920’s and have been refined since. There are certainly advantages to this approach although there are also disadvantages, namely the opportunity for real-time subluxation analysis. An x-ray image is a moment in time. The body, although, is a dynamic entity changing, accommodating and adapting.

Gentle and Lasting Chiropractic Adjustments

By using a real-time specific analysis system called the OS Test  a very complete upper cervical perspective has emerged. The core analysis method uses a passive muscle test called the OS Test. This test offers objective, accurate and sensitive feedback from the client’s own body. We go directly to the source in real-time – the body’s OS.

This approach has also allowed us to find what we are calling a compensating pattern for the upper cervical spine. This is a strategy the body uses to distribute or spread out an injury or subluxation state that is relatively more harmful to the body. This is a predictable and surprisingly consistent pattern we have seen in children, adults and even vertebrate animals. Being able to find the root causative issue is where OST chiropractic stands out.

Specific analysis finding exactly where and when to adjust. Gentle children's chiropractic, lasting corrections.
Specific analysis finding exactly where and when to adjust. Gentle children’s chiropractic, lasting corrections.

We are able to uncover the underlying primary subluxation listings or position which often manifests in different directions then within the compensating pattern. This allows us to find and correct, with lasting effect, the underlying root causes of upper cervical spine pain and associated symptoms.

The key benefits of the OST chiropractic approach to the upper cervical spine:

  • compensation identification
  • primary, root cause subluxation identification
  • no need for x-ray analysis
  • very gentle adjustments without joint popping or cracking
  • Adjustments that hold potentially indefinitely.

Fewer visits, gentle adjustments and lasting corrections are our specialty. Most people recognize significant benefit after the first visit. Since the body holds onto OST chiropractic adjustments so well, follow up visits pick up right where we left off. This means significantly less treatment cost, fewer visits and more time to enjoy the benefits this work offers.

Finally a reasonable natural solution for whiplash injury, headaches, upper neck pain and stiffness, and more.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see if your or a loved one’s situation could benefit from this profound work. For contact information, click here: Salt Lake City upper cervical chiropractor.

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