Passive Muscle Testing Advantages in Chiropractic

Clinically Diagnostic Muscle Testing in Salt Lake City

The following elements of an alternative health care office are, in my opinion, the future of healing. These two key elements are linked with cause and effect. When looking for value in a chiropractic or alternative health care office, look here:

1. Using your body as a real-time diagnostic feedback instrument
2. Progressive visits.

AK active muscle testing
Applied Kinesiology active muscle strength testing with therapy localization.

Real-Time diagnostic feedback instrument: many different testing methods have been used to find out from someone’s body certain physiologic conditions and causes. For example, Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses specific muscle tests to evaluate organ function, spinal level subluxations, allergies, acupuncture meridian states, and more. AK uses an active muscle strength test meaning the subject is actively resisting during the muscle test. This type of testing can be very valuable in verifying and demonstrating how a stressor affects your body. The limitation to this type of testing comes in when about 15 or more questions or challenges are tested with the same muscle. Subject or client fatigue can begin to make the testing results less accurate.

The Open Source Test. The OS Test

Another type of muscle testing (passive muscle testing) uses the same feedback system inherent in your body yet is able to test the body without the subject actively resisting. This creates a situation where the practitioner can ask many more questions and body challenges without the client or subject becoming fatigued. This also allows us to gather extremely detailed information on exactly how a stressor is affecting your system. For example, five hundred plus questions can be tested without any loss in accuracy or the client becoming fatigued.

Dr Leusden using the client’s body as an instrument. Passive muscle test.

This type of testing is monitoring a full body response which we think relates to a unique system your body has which constantly monitors your accumulated stress state. The response can be viewed with any two analogous muscles. The most efficient way to test while a client is laying face down or face up is through a test called the OS Test the core diagnostic test of OS Technique. A dynamic leg length change happens with a stress is “there” answer verses a “not there” answer. This is a much different test than testing for a anatomic or functional short leg. Each time the feet are checked, the observer can objectively view a yes or no answer specific to what is happening within your body at that moment.

Using the body as a real-time diagnostic instrument can provide answers to many types of causative factors including:

  • structural injury storage, chiropractic subluxations
  • nutritional deficiencies,
  • emotional patterns,
  • organ weakness or support,
  • energetic imbalance,
  • acupuncture meridian imbalance,

How deep the rabbit hole goes is client specific and dependent on if a practitioner is familiar with the subject being tested and client willingness to investigate related and associated aberrant health causative factors.

Overall, you should notice your practitioner finding progressive causative factors affecting your health. What is addressed one visit holds, and deeper underlying issues are revealed each visit:

Progressive Visits: This means each visit picks up where previous visits leave off. True health care and chiropractic value exists when a practitioner can find an issue, identify the causative factors and resolve that issue. When the core cause of an issue is identified, resolving this completely does something profound for the body: the body actually prefers to be in a corrected state. No longer does the body need to hold onto and compensate for a injury, trauma or repetitive stress. Increased body system efficiency takes over and all the energy the body had spent on compensating and dealing with the accumulated stress turns towards healing and repair.

With any health care practitioner, you want to be aware of continual benefit. This is an knowing beyond the process of chiropractic retracing or the Naturopathic/Homeopathic principal of Hering’s law where you may have a return of old symptoms as your layers of accumulated injury and dysfunction are addressed. You know and experience health improvement in broad categories such as physical, mental and social well being.

Salt Lake City Chiropractic Value

Time is valuable and when you are ready for help, you want to see someone who can find the problem, fix the issue and provide a lasting solution at a reasonable cost. If this can be done in just a few visits, it means less overall cost, less time spent going to a doctor’s office and longer time periods between maintenance visits.

Contact Dr. Jonathan Leusden today for a free initial consultation to see if your condition could be helped with this profound work.


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