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” You’ll know after the first visit is this work can help you!”

Dr. Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake City Chiropractor, specializes in a unique Chiropractic method, OST, that uses an accurate form of passive muscle testing or the OS Test which can monitor exactly how stress and injury are stored in the living body.

This very gentle approach uses no joint mobilization or traditional methods of cracking, popping or twisting of the spine. And yet, produces amazing results using light pressure to clear bone, ligament, vertebral disc, muscle injury and more.

Dr. Leusden using gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City.
Dr. Leusden using gentle Chiropractic in Salt Lake City.

The genius of OS chiropractic lies in the diagnostic sensitivity, accuracy and detail. Knowing exactly when and where to adjust allows this work to produce potentially dramatic results with very light pressure, in very few visits. The adjustment or treatment holding power allows each visit to pick up where previous visits leave off.

This method is a great choice for people hesitant to see a chiropractor due to the few visits, light force corrections without joint cavitation or popping, and the holding power of the adjustments.

Any area of the body is able to be specifically analyzed and completely addressed including: pelvis, low back, hips, SI joint, thoracic spine, ribs, cervical spine, cranial bones, TMJ, mandible, shoulders, forearms, hands, knees, feet/ankles and organ reflexes.

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