Scoliosis Treatment SLC

Scoliosis treatment Salt Lake City
Scoliosis example. Dr. Leusden does not use x-rays for his analysis or as a treatment basis

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment SLC

OST chiropractic can be an effective conservative approach to treating scoliosis. Many people notice a shoulder imbalance, hip imbalance or spinal curve when they bend at the waist. Often idiopathic scoliosis is diagnosed as a child or teenager. Treatment options can vary from restrictive braces, endless exercises and stretches or spinal fusion.

Gentle Scoliosis Treatment, Lasting corrections, Fewer visits.

I have been fortunate to have had significant success with clients diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis either when they are still a child or teenager or later in life. Typically, the most dramatic changes in spinal curves can happen when the client is younger although people of all ages have benefited form this type of chiropractic technique.

Usually, the initial course of care includes an initial consultation, treatment, and then a follow up appointment about a week later. We then give the spine and body about two weeks to adjust to the changes made. Another follow up appointment after a couple weeks allows us to see how well the spine is accommodating to the adjustments. At this point, an additional follow up appointment is recommended for two to six months later for further evaluation. The holding power of these specific gentle adjustments is relatively much longer than other adjustment or manipulating approaches. This is due to the specific analysis and real-time detail available using the OS Test. This testing method allow us to identify the exact stress patterns stored in the spine, pelvis and cranium causing a scoliosis condition. The body actually prefers the corrected state and can hold onto the changes made potentially indefinitely.

OST chiropractic is a great complement to allopathic and physical therapy scoliosis treatment and monitoring.

The benefits to this approach are simple: fewer treatment visits, lasting gentle corrections (spinal adjustments), all with less overall treatment cost. This also provides significantly less overall stress around a scoliosis diagnosis for the client, family and friends.

Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake City

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