The OS Test

The OS Test

Reactive Leg Reflex® test indicating a "no" response
OS test indicating even legs or  a “no there” response

In the 1920’s, Early technique prioneers discovered and perfected a procedure which allows a practitioner to gather objective, real-time information from a client’s body. This means it had become possible to use the patient’s own body as an instrument to find exactly where, when and how to adjust/correct stored injury, trauma, and accumulated life stress.

Leg Length Test

The OS Test has advantages over other types of client sourced diagnostic bio-feedback. It is objective on the part of the observer (practitioner). The response can be simply observed essentially as either a definitive Yes, or a definitive No. From the client’s perspective, there is no active resisting as in traditional active muscle testing procedures. When the OS Test is performed, the client is in a passive state, just relaxed. The test response feels the same to the client if the testing answer is a Yes or No.

This situation allows incredibly detailed information to be gathered as to exactly how injury, trauma and accumulated lift stress is stored in the client’s system.

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Reactive Leg Reflex® test indicating a "yes" response.
OS Test indicating a short leg or “yes there” response.

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