Sole Supports™ Custom Foot Orthotics in Salt Lake

I have personal experience with extremely flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain. I met Dr. Ed Glazer in 2006 and he casted my feet for the custom orthotics (Sole Supports™) he designed and perfected. The results have been fantastic. No more plantar fasciitis, knee pain and every pair of shoes I put on feel like they are perfectly made for my feet. The orthotics don’t wear out. My foot posture has improved so much that I think being re-casted four – six  years after wearing Sole Supports is appropriate.

Sole Supports, Inc offers simply the best orthotics available. The unique casting method captures your unique foot bio-mechanics in every phase of your gait. This means from the moment your heel touches the ground till you push-off, your feet and arches are supported.

Sole Supports Arch Supports
Sole Supports are made custom for your foot to maintain perfect foot posture in all weight- bearing activities

What ever you are doing that is weight-bearing, you can trust Sole Supports are maintaining your feet in perfect foot posture and arch support.

Proper arch support that holds up to your specific weight can eliminate plantar fasciitis, bunions, medial knee pain, hip pain, low back pain and even thoracic and neck pain. If someone were to do one thing to benefit their body long-term, Sole Supports would be my suggestion. Combined with OST chiropractic the results are long-lasting chiropractic corrections, more stability and fluidity.

These are orthotics are a great solution for athletes, and anyone who walk, stands, runs, bikes skis and more for any length of time.

Many people I know have spent more money than they like to admit on orthotics that have note lived up to expectations. Sole Supports are extremely reasonably priced, often much less than other typical, “custom” orthotic options.

Get the lasting foot/knee/low back pain solutions Today!

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Check out this page for detailed information on Sole Supports custom foot orthotics.

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