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Open Source Technique (OST) Chiropractic in Salt Lake City area

Gentle Chiropracitc Salt Lake area Utah
OST – precision gentle Chiropractic methods.

Dr. Jonathan Leusden practices a specialty within chiropractic called OST allowing extremely detailed real-time analysis and very gentle corrective adjustments. The accuracy of the analysis allows Dr. Leusden to identify and effectively resolve accumulated injury, trauma and stress with very light force.

Dr. Jonathan Leusden brings a very modern perspective to his work which includes meticulous and detailed specific chiropractic with a deep foundation in principals. His work and the benefits his clients appreciate make it easy to refer their friends and family.

Don’t put it off any longer. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake Chiropractor call or text Dr. Leusden at,  719-322-4234. Free initial consultations available.

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Stress directions stored in the spine and ribs.

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